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face value tickets

CashorTrade.org Testimonials

I was able to make trades for the tickets I needed. This site is much more efficient than other sites for simple trading. I recieved many replys to my posts and was able to set up 2 trades. THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS SITE..
Tom, Chicago IL

Thanks!! Love your site! Many thanks..
Erik, Colchester VT

I love the concept of this site and want to really see it take off
Paige, Hampton VA

I was talking about the ticket scene the other day, and our mutual friend told me about your site, so I joined. Amazing! You guys have got it goin' on here--complete with seating charts!! Wow! So righteous!! Keep up the good work!
Kim, Jericho VT

This site is refreshing, especially since I've been looking for Phenway for a few days on Craigslist, and have not been able to find one for face yet. Thanks guys. You're doing good work here.
Patrick, Cambridge MA

This site is FANTASTIC!! You guys are great =). You felt the frustration - saw a need for this and you used your creative ingenuity to meet the demand! LOVE it - I wish you much, much success.
All the best,

Finally! Thank you so much for creating a website that is easy to navigate and has a fine purpose! Fuck online ticketbrokers charging an arm and a leg. THANKS!
Lora, Clifton OH

Thanks for doing this. I am sitting here at home enjoying the free downloads of last nights shows posted today.I must admit the whole insanity of ticket shortages leaves a sour taste in my mouth, but I remain hopeful that I can live it again, sitting in traffic on Long Island or southern Mass waiting to get to the shows this June. I read your "about us" and having come of age when you guys did, hold many of those same moments in my memory. I feel privileged to have been there. After the perforamce that was Coventry, I really need to set it straight with these guys. Perhaps you re site will lead the tix my way. much love,
Maggie, East Calais VT

Thanks for setting this up it's a wonderful resource and very well done and easy to use.
Ralph, New Haven CT

Hey, i just joined your site, this is perfect for me since i have tix to trade.
Woody, NYC area/ Burlington VT

Just wanted to say that this is a fantastic idea! It's great to see people actually try and do something to help other fans. I was one of the fortunate few who were able to get tickets thru Phish's lottery for 2 separate shows. However like many others, I tried to get tickets for Hampton, and lost out in the lottery, and the general sale to the public. After trying 7 times to get tickets, I noticed that next to my rejection notice that there was a link for ticketsnow.com. I clicked on it, and saw 100\'s of tickets available for a minimum of $240 ea. Unacceptable! So for me and many other Phish Phans, THANK YOU! I will be letting my friends know about this. Great site guys. Maintain the bonds of family.
Eric, Washington DC

PHINALLY! great idea, great design, great execution of a website. thanks for your effort, i will definitely be spreading the word. Did you find Hampton tickets? We made it to 2 of 3. it was sick! my first show was the greatwoods gamehendge... then i was hooked and shared many of those same moments you described on your about us page... thank you thank you...
Andy, Denver CO

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